How We Work

Composing & Proofreading

With an inhouse composing house, we do work with highest confidentiality. The facility of Proofreading is also within the premises with subject wise experts. We are having experts of almost all language for Proofreading and translations, which help us to do our jobs efficiently without any error.


Secondly the composed paper is printed on latest machines available till date any quantity can be printed from 100 - (in lakhs) in minimum time duration.


The third step is packing of Question Paper-Booklets. In above mentioned all steps phase no. 3 which is packing, is one of the most important and crucial in itself. Today, most of our clients demand centrewise packing. We do centrewise packing with the help of computerised programming which is 99.9% error less. In this our clients / institutes provides us the paper number, quantity, centrewise distribution details. We feed all these informations in our software programme and got printed the envelope labels. Centrewise challans are also taken out of computer.

Now during our packing process we than compare the challan and envelope label with packing detail and then we will do the envelope packing. Some of the samples of envelope, label and challan are shown here :

Center Wise Challan
Centre Wise Box Packing Detail
Label Paste On Box
Label Paste On Envelope

The style of challans and labels can also be modified as per the clients requirement or according to the necessity of the work. Further these envelopes will be packed in cartoons which are then stripped with embossed matter on it.

Delivery : We provide the deliveries in closed wagon with experienced messenger at single point.

Note : For the deliveries at various stations or destinations, we can arrange the same also. For this purpose we have a tie up with renowned courier companies. Like Safexpress, Blue Dart and first flight etc.

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